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Frequently Asked Questions

What is NBA Top Shot?

NBA Top Shot is a non-fungible token (NFT)-based digital collectible of the NBA’s greatest highlights. Through an officially-licensed partnership with the NBA and NBPA, Top Shot has transformed the traditional physical sports card into a highlight video of the games best players, minted on the blockchain to ensure distinct ownership and scarcity. Top Shot is the first foray into sports collectibles by Dapper Labs.

What is an NBA Top Shot Moment?

In NBA Top Shot, “Moments” are officially-licensed NBA collectibles that celebrate the game’s most epic highlights from some of the best players in history, both current and former. Each Moment is unique with its own specific serial number and player / game information. And each moment is its own NFT, allowing for true digital ownership to be held by the individual.

How do you get NBA Top Shot?

To start with NBA Top Shot, go to their website - Here, they will prompt you to sign-up for a Dapper account. This Dapper account serves as your digital wallet to buy and sell packs, Moments, and to onboard money to the platform. You can fund your wallet through cryptocurrency or through traditional payment vehicles like credit cards, so you don’t have to be a Bitcoin expert to get started! If you don’t already have one, you may need to sign up with a GMail account.

How can I get NBA Top Shot Moments?

NBA Top Shot Moments can primarily be acquired through two ways- you can buy a pack on the Top Shot website or you can purchase moments through the peer-to-peer marketplace at As you continue on your Top Shot journey, you’ll find additional ways to get moments such as through receiving gifts from others on the site, completing challenges and receiving a reward, winning showcase challenges, or other yet to be declared methods.

How can I buy an NBA Top Shot pack?

NBA Top Shot packs are distributed through the Top Shot website - they can normally be found on both the home page, and the packs page For commons base packs, which cost $9 are the most available, those can pop up on the site at any time. For any non base back, which are of higher demand due to their scarcity, these will all be announced by Top Shot at least eight hours prior to them being available (often via email). Ahead of them being available, you’ll go to the website and join the waiting room; at the specified drop time, they will randomly assign an order for all people in the waiting room and then if your number is below the total number of packs available, you’ll be able to buy a pack! A smaller number of drops are “stress tests” where the announcement will come only a few min ahead of the pack drop being available. Follow @OwnTheMomentNFT on Twitter ( to get notified of all types of pack drops!

How much is an NBA Top Shot pack?

To date, Top Shot packs have ranged from $9 for a Common pack which includes three Common moments, up to $999 for a legendary pack containing a Legendary moment, multiple Rare moments, and multiple Common moments. There are additional packs which fill out the price spectrum, and the prices are announced with the pack drop information.

Can I gift an NBA Top Shot pack? Can I sell an unopened Top Shot pack?

Right now, there is no functionality to allow users to gift or sell unopened packs - but stay tuned! The Top Shot team at Dapper Labs is always looking to build new functionality, and this a feature that they are targeting to deliver to the community. We also caution purchasing anything outside of Top Shot as there is substantial risk from bad actors looking to take advantage of collectors.

What is an NBA Top Shot challenge?

Top Shot is almost always running a challenge, an event which rewards users for collecting specific moments by a certain time. If a collector has all of the moments in their collection when the challenge timer expires, that collector will be given a challenge reward, which to-date have always been additional Top Shot moments and which are known at the time the challenge is announced. You can find the current challenges on the Active Challenges page on the Top Shot website (, as well as being able to see previous challenges which were run and the rewards for those challenges. Be careful when completing these though as the prices of moments in a challenge will often drop substantially once the challenge is complete. We recommend using the OTM challenge site ( to better understand challenge dynamics.

Does serial number matter in NBA Top Shot?

Yes! Since Top Shot’s debut, we have seen a premium placed on lower serial numbers in general, and a significant premium placed on some specific serial numbers. The #1 serial and the player’s jersey number serial (for example, #23 for LeBron James) have the biggest impact of the serial numbers, and you can see that Own The Moment has some analysis on this on our #1 / Jersey Listings page - There are also smaller premiums placed on other serial numbers, such as the last mint in a set (#499 out of #499), and some people even try to collect players’ birthday serials or others that may have a specific meaning to a specific player. The best part of Top Shot - it only takes one other person to see things the way you do for something to have differential value!

Who owns NBA Top Shot? What blockchain technology does NBA Top Shot use?

NBA Top Shot is owned by Dapper Labs, which has an official licensing agreement with the NBA and NBPA. Top Shot is built on the Flow blockchain.