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Football Best Ball
Pack Purchases
Football Best Ball Packs can be purchased with GOLD. 100% of GOLD from pack purchases goes into the contest prize pool.
Pack Contents
Every Football Best Ball pack has 20 cards inside of it. Each card is representative of a city and a position in football. You score fantasy points for the entire position group, not one individual player. For example, if you have the CIN WR card, you will score points for every CIN WR (Ja’Marr Chase + Tee Higgins + Tyler Boyd, etc.).
Lineup Builder
After opening the pack of 20 cards, users create a 12-card lineup by selecting 12 of the 20 in their pack. You must select at least one of each position (QB, RB, WR, TE, DST). This lineup is entered into the contest and will compete against other lineups to win the GOLD in the prize pool, based on the below scoring system.
Scoring System
Fantasy points are accumulated throughout the entire NFL regular season – Week 1 through Week 18. The weekly 6-player “Best Ball” score will count based on the highest scoring 6-card lineup of QB, RB, WR, TE, DST, SUPERFLEX (any position) each week. These weekly scores are then added to the cumulative leaderboard, which determines the winner over the course of the entire NFL regular season.
Simply open your pack, set your lineup, and sweat the games from there! No weekly management required. See below for scoring system details.
Passing TD
+6 points
25 Passing Yards
+1 point (+0.04 points per yard)
-1 point
Rushing TD
+6 points
10 Rushing Yards
+1 point (+0.1 points per yard)
Receiving TD
+6 points
10 Receiving Yards
+1 point (+0.1 points per yard)
Punt/Kickoff/FG Return TD
+6 points
Fumble Lost
-1 point
2 Pt Conversion (Pass/Run/Catch)
+2 points
Offensive Fumble Recovery TD
+6 points
+1 point
+2 points
Fumble Recovery
+2 points
Punt/Kickoff/FG Return TD
+6 points
Interception Return TD
+6 points
Fumble Recovery TD
+6 points
Blocked Punt/FG Return TD
+6 points
+2 points
Blocked Kick
+2 points
2 Pt Conversion/Extra Point Return
+2 points
0 Points Allowed
+15 points
1 - 6 Points Allowed
+10 points
7 - 13 Points Allowed
+7 points
14 - 20 Points Allowed
+5 points
21 - 27 Points Allowed
+3 points
28 - 34 Points Allowed
+1 points
35+ Points Allowed
+0 points
Payout Structure
The payout structure will vary depending on the total number of GOLD in the prize pool. 100% of GOLD from pack purchases goes into the prize pool. Different contests may have unique payout structures (i.e. some contests may pay out weekly prize in addition to the full season cumulative score prize). The payout structure will be pre-determined for each pack contest that is hosted.
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