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A Hoops Boost Roster consists of 5 roster spots:5 UTILITY1 BENCHPosition eligibility is determined by the sports data provider. Each player is only eligible for one position type. All positions are eligible to be used in the Utility roster spot.
Bench Slot
Each Hoops Boost Roster has 1 Bench slot. Tired of last second scratches ruining your entire lineup? The Bench slot will act as a backup player who's score will automatically come into play if one of your main lineup players plays 0 seconds in a game. The Bench points will not apply to your total until the player that does not play's entire game is over to confirm that they did not play.
Hoops HERO (Rare and Legendary moments)
Each Hoops Boost Roster is eligible to designate 1 Hero by using a Rare or Legendary moment. The Hero will receive a base point boost of 1.25x. It is not a requirement to have a Hero. You may use multiple Rare or Legendary moments in your roster, but only one can be the designated Hero and will receive the base point boost.
Scoring System
Hoops Boost Roster spots will score Hoops Points based on their on-court performance and the moment's play type. See below for the full breakdown of the scoring system.Hoops Boost Points Scoring System:
Base Scoring
  • 1 pt for each point scored
  • 1.2 pts for rebound
  • 1.5 pts for assist
  • 3 pts for block
  • 3 pts for steal
  • -1 pt for turnover
  • 1.25x Hero boost for base score on designated Rare/Legendary moment (max one per Roster)
Play Type Boost
If a player exceeds their stat average over the last 10 games in the stat that corresponds to the moment's play type, each tally above the L10 average will have a multiplier added to it.
  • 1x per point (Play types Dunk, Jump Shot, Layup, Hook Shot)
  • 4x per rebound (Play types Reel, Redemption)
  • 5x per assist (Play types Assist, Handles)
  • 6x per 3pm (Play type 3 Pointer)
  • 9x per steal (Play type Steal)
  • 14x per block (Play type Block)
Tier Boost
If a player exceeds their stat average over the last 10 games in the stat that corresponds to the moment's play type, a tier boost will be awarded to that player.
  • +10 pts for common
  • +11 pts for fandom
  • +12 pts for rare
  • +13 pts for legendary
Note: in the event of a tie, aggregate lowest serial number for the Hoops Roster will serve as the tiebreaker
Payout Structure
The payout structure will vary depending on the total number of GOLD in the prize pool. 100% of GOLD from entry fees goes into the prize pool.
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