Live Stats
A Standard Rumble Roster consists of 8 roster spots:1 QB2 RB2 WR1 TE1 FLEX (RB/WR/TE)1 DST+Position eligibility is determined by the metadata of NFL ALL DAY moments. A user will connect their FLOW wallet in order to create a Rumble Roster and only be able to enter players for moments they own in their collection.For QB, RB, WR and TE, the team in the Moment does not matter. The player will score the same points regardless of whether they are still on the team in the Moment or a new team.All Moments for players currently in the NFL are eligible for Rumble. We will define “currently in the NFL” via our sports data provider. If a player shows up for the current season in the provider data feed, they will be eligible. This means that a Davante Adams Moment is useable whether it comes from Series 1 or from a Historical Series. This will apply to all positions including DST+.Players that are not currently in the NFL are ineligible to be played in Rumble in any position slot, including DST+.
DST+ Position
The DST+ position can be filled by ANY of the non-skill position moments. This means that defensive players, kickers, punters, offensive linemen, team melts, and any other moment type we see that falls outside of QB, RB, WR, TE will all be eligible to fill the DST+ roster spot. Once a moment is entered into the DST+ roster spot, it will automatically score for the player’s metadata-assigned team based on the DST+ scoring system outlined below. The individual moment used does not have any impact other than the serial number. Anyone on a team that qualifies for the DST+ position will generate the same amount of points. Playing a Kicker or a Linebacker from the same team you will get the exact same amount of points.
Rumble HERO (Rare and Legendary moments)
Each Rumble Roster is eligible to designate one Hero by using a Rare or Legendary moment. The Hero will receive a point boost of 1.25x. There is a max of one Hero per roster and it is not a requirement to have a Hero. You may use multiple Rare or Legendary moments in your roster, but only one can be designated the Hero and will receive the point boost.
Scoring System
Rumble Roster spots will score Rumble Points based on their on-field performance. See below for the full breakdown, which is a typical full-PPR scoring system.Offensive Points:
  • 1 pt for every 25 passing yards
  • 4 pts for every passing TD
  • 1 pt for every 10 rushing yards
  • 6 pts for every rushing TD
  • 1 pt for every 10 receiving yards
  • 6 pts for every receiving TD
  • 1 pt per reception
  • 2 pts for every 2 point conversion (rushing, passing or receiving)
  • 6 pts for every return TD
  • Decimal scoring (i.e., 68 rushing yards = 6.8 Rumble Points)
  • -1 pt for every fumble lost
  • -1 pt for every INT
  • 1.25x Hero boost for total score on Rare/Legendary moment (max one per Roster)
Defensive Points:
  • 1 pt for sack
  • 2 pts for interception
  • 2 pts for fumble recovery
  • 6 pts for TD (interception return, fumble recovery, punt / kickoff / FG return, blocked punt or FG return)
  • 2 pts for safety
  • 2 pts for blocked kick
  • 2 pts for extra point return
  • 10 pts for 0 points allowed
  • 7 pts for 1-6 points allowed
  • 4 pts for 7-13 points allowed
  • 1 pts for 14-20 points allowed
  • 0 pts for 21-27 points allowed
  • -1 pts for 28-34 points allowed
  • -4 pts for 35+ points allowed
  • 3 pt bonus for a WIN (team selected wins their game)
  • 1.25x Hero boost for total score on Rare/Legendary moment (max one per Roster)
Note: in the event of a tie, aggregate lowest serial number for the Rumble Roster will serve as the tiebreaker
Rumble Wrinkle
The Rumble contest locks at 1PM ET on Sunday each week. Any games played Thursday, Saturday or early morning Sunday will have known outcomes and associated Rumble Points before contests lock. You’ll be able to roster a moment while knowing the exact number of Rumble Points you will be receiving. Those who have played the Owners Club know this creates a fun strategic wrinkle and some wild marketplace dynamics!
Payout Structure
The payout structure will vary depending on the total number of GOLD in the prize pool. 100% of GOLD from pack purchases goes into the prize pool.
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