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What is TOC NBA Playoffs?
TOC NBA is an innovative new fantasy game for basketball! Combine the fun of ripping packs, collecting and managing a collection of fantasy cards, and playing them in round-by-round competitions with GOLD for prizes. Users purchase packs of cards and use them to compete in three free rounds (Round 1, Round 2, Semi Finals + Finals) of fantasy basketball contests throughout the NBA Playoffs. Leading up to and throughout the playoffs, cards can also be bought and sold on TOC's in-game marketplace.
TOC cards are reflective of a team and stat category, each with a unique serial number. For example, you could own the Boston Rebounds card serial #142. The Boston Rebounds card scores points whenever any player on the team scores a Rebound. The serial number is used as a tiebreaker in contests, where the lowest combined serials win.
Joker Cards
In addition to each of the 20 team cards, there are also Joker cards for each stat category, which can be used as a wildcard option each contest. As you enter contests, you can select the Joker card to be any team you want and will score points according to that card’s performance. For example, you can choose for the Joker Assists card to be used as a Boston Assists, in which case you will receive points for Boston Assists for that contest. Joker cards are only included in Packs purchased before the first contest begins. You can use a maximum of one Joker per lineup. Joker cards will have serials that run from 1-499.
Card Tiers
There are two tiers of TOC NBA Playoff Cards:
  1. Starter - 1 free Starter pack per user, 4 cards, one of each stat category, serial 1,000 for all
  2. Base - 4 Base cards per pack, one of each stat category, serials range 1-999
Packs of TOC NBA Playoff cards cost 250 GOLD each.
Every pack contains 4 cards:
  1. 4 Base
  2. 1 of each of the following stat categories: PTS, REB, AST, DEF
Packs are generated on-demand with each purchase. There are two types of packs: 1) Starter Packs and 2) Base Packs. Each user is eligible to claim one free Starter Pack containing 4 Starter cards, one of each stat category. Starter cards can be used in contests but cannot be traded or sold on the marketplace. Base Packs contain 4 Base cards, one of each stat category, and cost 250 GOLD, with 100% of the GOLD going to the prize pool. There is an always-on Buy 4 Packs Get 1 Free special, meaning for every 4 packs purchased, users will receive an additional pack for free, with no limit on the number of times users can take advantage of the special. Users also have the ability to re-roll any pack for 99 GOLD and exchange any 5 cards + 99 GOLD to receive a new pack. Pack contents update after each contest so new packs purchased only include cards from teams still in the playoffs.
Starter Packs
Each user is eligible to claim one free Starter pack containing 4 Starter cards, one of each stat category. Starter cards can be used in contests and the exchange, but cannot be sold on the marketplace.
Cards can be bought and sold on TOC’s in-game Marketplace for GOLD. There is a 5% GOLD fee applied to the seller on all marketplace transactions.
There will be three contests spread throughout the NBA Playoffs that TOC players will have access to playing for free. There will be contests for Round 1, Round 2, and the Semifinals + Finals.
Prize Pool
The prize pool is determined based on how many packs are sold. For every Base Pack purchased, all 250 GOLD is added to the prize pool. As Round 1 packs are sold, the prize pool gets automatically split three ways between the three contests. As Round 2 packs are sold, additional GOLD is split between the last two contests. And as Round 3 packs are sold, GOLD is added to the final contest. Re-rolls and exchanged packs will not contribute to the prize pool. Payouts will be shared shortly after prize pools are locked.
Lineups consist of 5 total cards, one of each stat category plus a Hero card of any stat category that gets a 1.25x multiplier. Every lineup must contain cards from at least three different teams.
Each card scores fantasy points corresponding to their team’s performance within that category. Fantasy points are awarded according to the below table.
+1 pt per point
+2.5 pts per rebound
+4 pts per assist
+9 pts per steal & block
Cards earn a 1.5x multiplier on their total fantasy output if they sweep a series 4-0.
If multiple lineups score the same number of points, the combined serial number of the cards in the lineup will serve as the tiebreaker, with the lowest combined serial winning.
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